“The Lazy Mans Way To Becoming a Rockstar Guitarist”

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Guitar Solo Basics

Note: This is a Digital Product and no physical items will be shipped

How many dollars have you “invested” in guitar lessons?



Have you ever noticed that you may learn a little bit at each guitar lesson but the teacher always seems to dangle a little carrot at the end of the lesson and tells you about all the great things he has yet to teach you?

In TV shows and movies, they call that a “cliffhanger” and in those shows it’s designed to make sure you come back next week…

Well guess what?  It’s not different with your guitar teacher and his “lessons”.

He needs to throw that Cliffhanger out to you to keep you excited about coming back for more lessons.  He’d likely have you coming for lessons for years if you’d keep paying that long!

What do guitar lessons cost in your town right now?  Around here, they’re about $20 to $30 per half hour!

I remember back when I took guitar lessons…

After a few lessons, I’d end the lesson and think “that’s all I get for 20 bucks?  This REALLY hit home when my parents stopped paying for my lessons and I was paying for them myself!

Here’s something for you to think about…

“What if you could pay ONE price for a module of lessons that were designed to get you up to speed on one technique?”

Think about it…if you wanted to learn to play guitar solos and you went and asked your teacher to teach you, he’d see dollar signs and proceed to stretch out a series of lessons over the course of a few weeks or even months and just give you a little piece of the puzzle at a time.

Imagine paying one reasonable fee one time and getting all the tools, lessons and info you needed to learn to play killer guitar solos in ONE package that you could access anytime day or night and go over and over until you got each technique down perfectly.

Awesome right?

Guitar Solo Basics

Note: This is a Digital Product and no physical items will be shipped

How Much Does This Package Cost?

Guitar lessons with a GOOD guitar teacher will cost $30 per half hour and I know guitarists that charge in excess of $100 per hour!

That time goes by pretty fast and it’s hard to concentrate on the guitar technique you’re supposed to be learning if you’re sitting there agonizing over weather or not you’re getting your moneys worth.

I don’t want you to waste hundreds or thousands of dollars learning to be a better guitar soloist so I’m only going to charge $47 for you to download this package today.

What!!!… Why Would I Charge You Only $47?

When you dig into this package and see all the goodies I’ve packed inside, you’ll see that it’s EASILY worth many times the price I’m charging.  However, I want to put and end to guitarists being taken for a ride and bled dry of all their money while receiving tiny lessons that barely get you closer to becoming an awesome guitar player.

You see, once you dig into this product and fall in love with the information inside, I’m sure you’ll become a customer for life.  Invest in yourself and put an end to the guitar lesson rip off artists once and for all…

I know this package is way more valuable than the few bucks I’m charging fo rit so I must let you know, the price WILL be going up soon…

“I have had a chance to see this package first hand and I can vouch for it’s awesomeness! Great work Mike!”

Brad Gosse www.1hourmeditation.com

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Guitar Solo Basics is your key to unlocking the guitar neck and releasing your inner guitar hero!

The Videos are clearly shot so you can see where to put your fingers and how to pick the notes.  The book explains how to connect the whole guitar neck so you can solo in any key and the cheat sheets lay everything out for you in easy to read tablature format so you can get up to speed quickly.

Order the Guitar Solo Basics package today and finally break out of the boring old blues boxes and the rut that your guitar playing has been stuck in for way too long.

You can throw another bunch of cash at your guitar teacher and be shown yet another lame guitar lick that you’ll be sick of in a couple days or you can invest $47 to change your guitar playing forever.  It’s your choice you…

…Make The Right Decision

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To Your Shredding Success,

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P.S: This is EXACTLY what finally allowed me to break out of the boring blues boxes and let my solos take flight.  Don’t under estimate the power here!

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